Personalized Dialogue

The Church teaches that chastity formation and the sharing of other information about sexuality should take place between mothers and daughters or fathers and sons in "personalized dialogue" based upon "love and trust"(TMHS, 66, 67), and that the "moral dimension must always be part of the explanation" (TMHS, 68).

Teaching children about the mysteries of human life and sexuality is best communicated by a parent gradually as the child matures. Since parents know and understand the uniqueness of their children, they will also know when each child is physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to begin receiving this information(Cf. TMHS, 65).

Parents can approach these delicate discussions with calm assurance and confidence, particularly if they have cultivated an open, honest, caring, and loving relationship with the child. In a loving way, mothers can speak with their daughters and fathers with their sons about the intimate changes taking place in their developing bodies, while integrating those discussions with the moral principles of chastity and holiness in the context of marriage or consecrated virginity. Parents speaking about their own biological and emotional experiences can genuinely help their child integrate this new information into the ongoing development of their personality in a balanced and wholesome manner (Cf. TMHS, 66-67).