Exceptional Cases

When deviant tendencies and attitudes are present, which require great prudence and caution so as to recognize and evaluate situations properly, parents should also have recourse to specialists with solid scientific and moral formation in order to identify the causes over and above the symptoms, and help the subjects to overcome difficulties in a serious and clear way (TMHS, 72).

Having first met the Five Qualifications for Those who Assist Parents, trustworthy people may be allowed to speak directly to children on an individualized basis in the area of sexual education and chastity formation in these exceptional cases:

1. Persons who assume a permanent parental role in cases involving orphans and abandoned children may undertake the education of children in chastity (Cf. TMHS, 39).

2. Other educators can act as substitutes for the parents in serious cases of moral or physical incapacity on the part of parents (Cf. TMHS, 23).

3. Single parents with children of the opposite sex may enlist the help of another person of the same sex as the child to communicate the most intimate details of human sexuality in chastity formation (Cf. TMHS, 67).

4. Parents and children can meet with an expert such as a doctor, nurse, priest, or educator to help explain bodily changes during puberty (Cf. TMHS, 91).

5. Specific and actual instances of sexual perversions "should not be dealt with except through individual counseling, as the parent's response to genuine problems" (Cf. TMHS, 125, 72).

6. Parents may seek help from "expert qualified persons" for children exhibiting homosexual tendencies or behaviors during childhood or adolescence (Cf. TMHS, 104).