Methods and Ideologies to Avoid

Parents must be vigilant and aware of the dangerous ideologies that motivate, as well as the harmful methods that are used by public and private educators which violate the innocence of children, undermine parental rights and duties, and attack the family. Most of these dangerous methods appear harmless, and that is precisely why parents must learn to discern the threats to their children and family, since most will come from good people with good intentions.

The following are five of the most common methods of immoral education that must be rejected by parents, and most are designed for a classroom method of delivery:

1. Secular sex education that promotes contraception, abortion, and sterilization.

2. Professional or officially recognized organizations of educators and counselors in sex education that promote unproven theories, diminish chastity, and ignore Church teaching.

3. Safety or health education where information on sexuality, particularly on protection from disease or perversions, is presented to children in school.

4. Values clarification instruction where children are encouraged to develop a personal moral code without reference to absolute truth or authority outside themselves. Children are "empowered" to make decisions based solely on what they think or feel is right. Value systems are created by the individual and not by God or parents, and since all are considered equal, no one can impose any value system on any other person.

5. Inclusion in curriculum where sexual information is presented under the guise of another subject in education, like health, hygiene, personal development, family life, children's literature, social or cultural studies, and catechesis or religious education (Cf. TMHS, 135-142).