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Family Prayer Night Global Apostolate
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Our Mission

Our apostolate within the New Evangelization is to foster spiritual revival within families in the Roman Catholic Tradition.

At the parish level, we do this by providing a free booklet to lay leaders on How To Start Family Prayer Night Devotions. We also encourage individuals and families to:

  • Participate weekly in Family Prayer Night Devotions
  • Pray together as family every day
  • Spend an hour a week in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Learn and live the Catholic Faith with unwavering fidelity, joy of heart and absolute trust in God through and in the loving and Immaculate Heart of Mary our Mother
  • Communitas Dei Patris
    (Sponsors of the Global Apostolate)

    Communitas Dei Patris (the Latin pronunciation is: Cŏm-ŭn-ē-tăs Dā-ē Pă-trēs) is an association of faithful Catholics that offers new hope to all marriages and families that real, true, and lasting healing and restoration is possible when they genuinely live the precepts of Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Like the early Church, our association of families and individuals offers mutual spiritual support in living the fullness of the Catholic faith as we pilgrimage to the House of the Father.

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    Healthy Families

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    Videos listed on our YouTube Channel are family friendly. All are 100% faithful to nearly 2,000 years of official Catholic teachings and Traditions. Learn things about the Faith that will inspire and motivate you to participate more fully in The New Evangelization promulgated by Saint Pope John Paul the Great!

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    A Brief Overview

    Family Prayer Night is a simple, "little way" for priests, parents and parish families to evangelize, to bring hearts and souls directly to Jesus: to meet Him, to spend time in His presence, to ask for assistance, to heal the wounds of sin and division, and to thank and love Him.

    The Global Apostolate of Family Prayer Night Devotions serves the mission of the Catholic Church by fostering the spiritual restoration and renewal of the family, one family at a time. Through the positive influence of Family Prayer Night Devotions, families learn the importance of spending time in Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and of the inestimable rewards that come from praying together every day as family. And, with those foundational principles securely in place, families will undoubtedly find it much easier to embrace and live the fullness of Catholic moral teachings on marriage, family life and human sexuality.

    For these reasons, we've developed free resources for implementing family prayer in the home, learning to respect our bodies as "temples of the Holy Spirit", and restoring faith and belief in Jesus' Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

    The Global Apostolate of Family Prayer Night Devotions is a resource center for both families and Family Prayer Night Devotions. However, it should also be noted that local Family Prayer Nights always come under the supervision and direction of the parish priest and his Bishop to whom we, as an apostolate, encourage strict obedience.

    And finally, in today's morally corrupt culture, we believe that it's vitally important for families of like mind to band together to support one another in living the fullness of the Catholic Faith. Communitas Dei Patis is just such an association of families and single people that began informally in 1991. After a decade of prayer and study together, we formalized its vision of promoting and supporting authentic Catholic family values while respecting individual member’s and family’s inalienable God-given rights to autonomy (self-governance and freedom), family identity or culture, and privacy.

    So as we pilgrimage home together as one family of God the Father, we are confident and certain that our contribution to The New Evangelization will produce vibrant, faith-filled Catholic families that will lead many poor lost souls to Jesus Christ.

    Why Our Apostolate Is So Important

    In his Letter to Families, Saint Pope John Paul the Great said, “The history of mankind, the history of salvation passes by way of the family. The family is placed at the center of the great struggle between good and evil, between life and death, between love and all that is opposed to love. To the family is entrusted the task of striving, first and foremost, to unleash the forces of good, the source of which is found in Christ, the Redeemer of Man” (#23).

    And, near the end of her life, Sr. Lucia of Fatima is quoted as saying, "The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family."

    Sacred Scripture says (and we as Communitas Dei Patris agree), "Where one alone may be overcome, two together can resist. A three-ply cord is not easily broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

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    In The Spotlight
    St. Agnes Family Prayer Night, 1990-Present
    The Inaugural Model for Weekly Family Prayer & Adoration
    by Val Bessert, Volunteer Coordinator

    As we look back with gratitude over these past few decades of our existence, we can surely count our many blessings! Our Lady has had her mantle over us and has kept us faithful to her commission to have a Family Prayer Night. We are still here! We have gone from a prayer group that met in a small room at St. Agnes Church weekly, to a real prayer family that meets in the larger church with the Sacrament of Reconciliation available, and Mass and Adoration that follow. Although our numbers have varied over the years, we have consistently had a faithful group who regularly attend. We have established loving relationships. We have had to say good-by recently to some of our dearest longtime-members and priest-friends who have passed onto eternal reward, but who have left their legacy in our hearts.

    Over the many years, we have hosted a Marian Movement for Priests Cenacle with Fr. Gobbi and area priests, had scapular enrollments, anniversary celebrations, healing Masses, speakers, special feast celebrations, and have provided...


    Come Pray With Us

    Family Prayer Night
    St. Agnes Catholic Church
    1484 Ninth Street
    Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304

    Mondays (Check Bulletin)
    Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
    Confessions are available.
    Rosary at 6:30 p.m.
    Mass at 7:00 p.m.
    Adoration at 7:30 p.m.

    Parish’s Family Prayer Night set to mark 25 years
    By Jeff Kurowski | The Compass

    GREEN BAY — Many of the faces have changed and recently, the day of the week changed, but over the past 25 years, the mission of Family Prayer Night at St. Agnes Church has remained the same. The weekly gathering provides a vehicle to spend time with the Lord in a prayer-rich environment.

    From The Archives
    Tucson Prayer Night, 1991
    Mike & Sally, Volunteer Coordinators
    [Edited Personal Letter]

    Letter Dated: December 16, 1991

    Our first Family Prayer Night was on November 12, 1991. Our pastor has been very supportive. Our core group is small (approx. 20 people) and each night we have had new people attending for a total of 30-50 persons. We have been meeting for 5 weeks now and we are already receiving many blessings.

    THe parish is located in a verly poor section of town with many homeless sleeping around the neighborhood. This has had a profound affect not only on our children but ourselves. We had a long discussion with our children about Jesus' call for us to show mercy and compassion towards all and read to them Matthew 25:31-46. We started with the family food basket from the very first night. However, on their own the children made little bags of potato chips to take to the people waiting outside the church. This affected my wife and I and we both felt we should do more. Independently, the Holy Spirit gave the same inspiration to four or five other families!

    Responding to the needs of the homeless, on the third Tuesday Family Prayer Night, we had the privilege of (preparing various meals) to feed 65 of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are hoping as our numbers grow, to be able to feed them throughout the week.

    Tucson Prayer Night, 1992
    Mike & Sally, Volunteer Coordinators
    [Edited Personal Letter]

    Letter Dated: February 13, 1992

    Our Family Prayer Night in Tucson continues to grow as Our Lady promised. Each week we hear of answered prayers to family situations that seem hopeless. We now average from 100-125 people per week. Our pastor is amazed at the number of people coming weekly and feels Family Prayer Night has been a tremendous blessing to the parish. Our Family Prayer Night Meal Outreach for the homeless continues to grow with the generosity of families reaching out to those in need.

    Our Family Prayer Night group felt the need to evangelize...with reference to Divine Mercy. We met with our Bishop who agreed to concelebrate the Mass on Mercy Sunday, April 26, 1992. The Novena will begin on Good Friday and continues with novena devotions and recitation of the chaplet at the daily noon Mass. He has given us permission to promote this as widely as possible.

    We can't begin to tell you how much Family Prayer Night means to our family. Sally and I have always wanted to serve Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother in some capacity...

    Once again we thank Our Heavenly Father for the tremendous grace of Family Prayer Night. Our warmest regards to you and your family and all the members of St. Agnes Parish (Family Prayer Night).

    Update: September 1992

    The Global Apostolate of Family Prayer Night Devotions was invited to Tucson in September 1992. By then, the Family Prayer Night Meal Outreach was serving meals 5 days a week to the homeless, and the church was filled to capacity (hundreds of people...standing room only). Also, the good fruits of their weekly devotion were so profound that the Bishop of Tucson assigned three diocesan priests to act as spiritual advisors to Family Prayer Night.

    The Angel of Peace. appeared to the three shepherd children—Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta—at Fatima in October 1916. With a host suspended in the air, he taught them this prayer:

    “O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore thee profoundly. I offer thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for all the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which he is offended.”

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    100% fidelity to the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church